Blog Tour: Goddess of Suburbia

The Goddess of Suburbia Blog Tour continues with another awesome review!


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It’s a terrible feeling, like you’re free falling, knowing that your husband is lying to you and not knowing why. Not knowing if it’s a cover-up of epic proportions or simply a little white lie. I’ve witnessed lies of all shapes and sizes slip over Nick’s silver tongue. That he finished college is a big one. He was six credits short – just two classes, but he never got around to doing it. He started working, and that was that, but he tells everyone he graduated early. Lying is second nature to him, but the lies he told me were always sandpaper lies – smoothing out the roughness of life. They were lies designed to avoid confrontation, not malicious lies. Sure he bought me a birthday card on time – he just left it at work. No, he didn’t forget to pick up milk; he just planned on…

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