Goddess of Suburbia

This was the first Goddess of Suburbia review – and it was a really good one!!

comfy reading

Thanks to the site Netgalley, I was provided the opportunity to read a really great book called Goddess of Suburbia, by Stephanie Kepke. This novel is the perfect example of this generations ability to use social media to create something out of nothing. I absolutely adored this book, partly because it was a bit of a mix between the Real Housewives television franchise, and also a little of the author Liane Moriarty’s novels, without the murder mystery aspect.

Stay at home mom, mother of four, former pastry chef, PTA member, sex tape star. Wait what? Maxine wasn’t planning on having that last one on her life’s resume, but there it is. Thanks to one little romp in the sack with her husband his and camera phone, their entire love making session (even though it’s only four minutes long) is all over the internet. The only thing is, Max doesn’t…

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