Blog Tour – Goddess of Suburbia (with Guest Post by Stephanie Kepke)

The Goddess of Suburbia Blog Tour continues with a guest post on Only the Books for Me! The post is about how to live your life passionately and authentically. It was very inspiring to write…

Only The Books For Me

goddess bannerOn Living Passionately… by Stephanie Kepke

I was tasked with bestowing three bits of advice for women looking to reconnect with their passions and live authentically – not an easy feat, even though I wrote a novel about just that, Goddess of Suburbia. I’m grateful for it, though. This post offers me the rare opportunity to focus for a moment on how, at forty-seven years old, I finally realized a dream I’ve had since I was eight – becoming a published author.

So… my first key to reconnecting with your passions: think about what captivated you as a child; what you loved in high school; and what you were passionate about in college. Is there a thread? Did a creative pursuit; academic subject; sport or philanthropic endeavor capture your heart when you were very young and continue to bring you joy throughout young adulthood, only to be abandoned when the…

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