You & Me Release Celebration Rafflecopter!

In celebration of the release of You & Me, I’m running a Rafflecopter! Enter for the chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of Goddess of Suburbia, and two ebooks – You & Me and A New Life! Click below to enter (the widget never shows up for some reason…):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You may also enter the Rafflecopter here
You & Me on Amazon

Forty year old Alex Spencer has given up on love. Having escaped from the verbally abusive and two decades older, Trent Peterson, her life revolves around her daughter, sixteen-year-old Josie, even if Josie wants nothing to do with her.

But with Valentine’s Day looming, Alex’s high school sweetheart, Billy Leibowitz, whom she kicked out of her life twenty years earlier, thanks to Trent’s demands, has been invading her thoughts. Alex searches for Billy in vain – it seems as if he’s simply disappeared. Suddenly, Candy Hearts, which Billy sent to Alex evert Valentine’s Day, start arriving in the mail. Is Billy sending the Candy Hearts? Will this finally be her chance at happily ever after?



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