Perfectly Imperfect Cover Reveal


SK_perfectlyimperfect_FINAL(1)I’m thrilled to announce that Goddess of Suburbia will be part of an ebook boxed set with two other fantastic books, Waiting, by Bonnie Dodge and The Paris Effect, by K.S.R Burns. I’ve been working very hard on this project and I’m thrilled that it just looks so ridiculously gorgeous! Thank you to Michelle Fairbanks of Fresh Design for the beautiful cover! I had this vision of beautiful flowers in an imperfect setting – liked a chipped vase – and luckily, Bonnie and K.S.R. agreed with me. Michelle took that vision and turned it into reality perfectly, with the stunningly beautiful roses and weathered wood. It’s a bonus that the roses happen to be my favorite variety – Osiana Roses. I even carried them down the aisle at my wedding. It seemed like a sign that this cover was the perfect choice.

Deciding on the perfect font was a totally collaborative effort with Bonnie and K.S.R – at first I didn’t agree with the lowercase i in imperfect, but saner heads prevailed. We also went back and forth with colors. Michelle showed endless patience, posting many different versions of the same cover, some with just the most imperceptible changes in font color and style that somehow made a huge difference.

Thank you to Bonnie Dodge and K.S.R. Burns for joining me on this journey – it has been so much fun collaborating and brainstorming with you. What could have been a difficult process – three writers agreeing on a title, cover and blurb – was a pleasure. I really appreciate all the time and effort you both put in. I had no idea when I first asked if anyone would like to join me in a women’s fiction boxed set that I’d get so lucky – I couldn’t have asked for better partners. And the excitement has only just begun – looking forward to lots of fun with both of you when the collection launches!

Here’s the scoop on this exciting new project:

The Perfectly Imperfect boxed book set consists of three novels about strong women in transition.

Suburbia meets scandal in Stephanie Kepke’s Goddess of Suburbia, a hopeful and honest portrayal of that moment in every woman’s life when it’s time to make a change, even if that means risking losing it all. When pillar of the community and PTA mom, Max, finds herself embroiled in an Internet scandal, she must learn to stop living her life on auto-pilot or forever remain a suburban lemming running toward the cliff of old age. This story is a must-read for women looking to reconnect with their passions and live authentically.

In Bonnie Dodge’s Waiting, three generations of Foster women, senior citizen Maxine, attention-seeker Grace, and aspiring artist Abbie, think they are nothing alike. But they all share a secret. They wait. For love, for attention, for life, for death. In their journeys between despair and happiness, they learn there are worse things than being alone. Like waiting for the wrong person’s love. With sensitivity and humor, Waiting carries readers into the hearts of three women who learn that happiness comes from within.

In K. S. R. Burns’s highly praised debut novel, The Paris Effect, a food-obsessed young woman sneaks away to Paris without telling anyone. Not even her husband. Once there, she’s robbed, stalked, arrested, and kidnapped (almost). Worse, she finds that her numerous issues have come right along with her. Grab a croissant and settle in for a decidedly non-touristy trip to the City of Light.

So, there you have it – three awesome reads in one handy ebook boxed set… Please be sure to like the Perfectly Imperfect Facebook page for updates on our release day bash and information on when the boxed set will be available and where to purchase. I will say that it will be an amazing deal for three books when it launches, so check the page often.


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