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Character Q&A:

Where are you from?

I’m from Long Island in New York.

Where do you live now?

I still live on Long Island – in East Hollow. I’m about fifteen minutes from the Long Island Sound. I love to drive up to the Sound when I need to clear my head. I’m pretty close to the Atlantic Ocean too and it’s about twenty-five miles from New York City.

How old are you?

I’m forty-four years old.

What do your parents do?

Unfortunately, my parents are no longer around. My dad passed away from a heart attack right after I graduated college. I had just moved into my first apartment, but I moved back home to take care of my mom. I still can’t believe he’s been gone for over two decades.

My mom passed away right after I had my first child, Emma. She died of leukemia. I was heartbroken. I really could have used her advice when I was a new mom. When I go up to the North Shore to the Long Island Sound – I feel her presence. That’s why I go there to clear my head. She used to take me to the beach there all the time when I was a little girl – she was afraid of the ocean, because she couldn’t swim, so we went to the small town beach on the Sound.

How many children do you have?

I have four children – three boys and two girls. My girl, Emma, is my oldest.

Tell us about your closest friends.

My closest friend is Andi. She’s my biggest cheerleader and my shoulder to cry on. She also holds me accountable when I act like an idiot, for instance when I almost let my chance at happiness slip away, because I’m afraid of getting hurt. She’s tall and gorgeous, but doesn’t realize how gorgeous she is. Her husband battled lymphoma and she never knows when it could relapse, so she appreciates every day that they have together and never takes anything for granted. She’s the perfect antidote to my obsessing over every little thing in relationships. I look at her and Matt, and I realize that if you love each other, the little stuff doesn’t matter. Of course, I still had to throw my cheating husband out on his ass – that’s not a little thing. Andi was the only one who was there for me during the whole video saga. I really can’t tell you about any other friends, other than maybe my daughter’s best friend’s mom, Debbie. She’s always nice to me, but we’re not close. All the other women I know will stab you in the back – some of the PTA moms can be vicious around here.

Any secrets you want to share with us?

Okay – not so sure how secret this is, because I’ve pretty much been everywhere, but I guess it’s kind of juicy for a regular PTA mom, in case your readers aren’t familiar with me… I made a sex video with my husband in an attempt to spice up our marriage and keep him from straying – a little too late. (I guess my intuition told me that something was wrong – even though I didn’t know for sure – I just had a gut feeling.) I thought if we made a video together, it would be our sexy secret and he wouldn’t need to turn to someone else for excitement. Well, somehow that video wound up launched into cyberspace (I can’t tell you how, or it would give too much away) and now… Well, now I’m a bit of a celebrity – for the most embarrassing reason. Okay, maybe more than just a bit of a celebrity. I’ll never understand how someone can just be going along in life and suddenly your whole being is laid bare – literally and figuratively.  I have no privacy anymore. But, I do have one more secret – as much as I put on a tough exterior, I really do want to let my ex back into my life – my ex-boyfriend, that is, not my ex-husband. Good riddance to bad rubbish when it comes to Nick.

Describe one moment that you feared for your life or your way of life?

The moment I found out that my video had gone viral was the moment I knew my life would never be the same. It was like a recurring dream I had right before my wedding – that I was walking down the aisle in a see-through dress. Only, this is real and there’s no way I can ever take it back. Once something is on the Internet, it lives forever…

Oh, there’s was one more moment that I feared for my way of life – when I found out my marriage was over. It was a tiny moment, a split second really, and I knew in my very core that Nick and I were done. My son called me, because he stubbed his toe, and I moved back into mommy mode, but in that split second glance at something, I knew we were done… I can’t say much more, because it would give too much away…

Is there a love interest we should know about?

Ben. He was my first love and I never thought I’d get another chance with him. It was my jealousy that tore us apart. He was so gorgeous and so talented and so sweet – and I was so afraid he would find someone hotter to replace me. I was twenty-two, what can I say? Now I finally have a second chance and I’m terrified to take it. Getting over Ben once was the hardest thing I’d ever done – I couldn’t do it twice.

Anything else you want people out there to know?

I am more than a sex video and those unflattering photos of me eating frozen yogurt in the “Stars – They’re Just Like US” features. I swear, every single time the paps catch me at the moment I’m spooning it into my mouth – or driving my kids to school in the morning in ratty sweatpants, my hair in a messy bun. I’m so much more than that four minute video and the fallout from it. I’m flesh and blood and I have feelings – I read all of the comments about how my ex-husband is hotter than I am and my ass is fat. And about how I’m sinning. It’s not all bad – a chunk of the comments are kind. And my friend, Andi, thinks it’s great that I’m sparking heated conversations about beauty and boundaries – and encouraging women to own their sensuality, even if they have a little cellulite. But, I didn’t ask for any of this…

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