My Writing Room


It’s only midnight on the west coast, so hopefully I’m not too late to take the #LifeBooksWriting Author Blog Challenge and chime in on the conversation on Twitter about our writing rooms. (If you don’t know what the #LifeBooksWriting Author Blog Challenge is, check out the infographic below.)


My writing room is wherever my dogs are. Okay, my writing room is my living room, specifically the cushy sectional in my living room. I know, it would be so much healthier if I sat at a desk – or even better, stood at a treadmill desk and got in a workout, while spilling out words. But alas, I’m not all that healthy and I like to be comfy and I like to have my dogs close. So, my writing room is really just a spot on my couch with my three-legged rescue, Scruffy, sleeping on my feet. Not at my feet – on my feet, and likely on my legs, as well. My other rescue, Coco, is always next to me (you can see a bit of her chunky butt in the upper right hand corner of the photo above – squishing down the top cushion). And I wouldn’t have it any other way…


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