My Book “Movie” Dream Cast – #LifeBooksWriting


When I first learned of the #LifeBooksWriting Challenge, I was probably the most excited by today’s theme – My book ‘movie’ dream cast. You see, I created a “Dream Cast” Pinterest board for Goddess of Suburbia before the  book was  even finished. I’ve always seen my work as a movie and Goddess of Suburbia was no different. My favorite college writing professor encouraged me to take a screenplay writing class, so that when my future books were eventually tuned into movies, I could retain control. She felt I wrote very visually. I’ve never forgotten her belief in me – it sparked a belief in myself. I still believe that someday Goddess of Suburbia will be up on the big screen – or small screen, a television movie would be just fine with me.

There are a few actresses whom I believe could kill it as Max. Kristen Wiig would be perfect; Leslie Mann could flawlessly bring her to life, as well. For Ben, the choice is a bit broader and for the most part more unexpected. Sure, Paul Rudd is on there, but so is James Roday (Sean in the late, great Psych), Mark Feuerstein and musician, Ryan Star who’s not actually an actor, but sounds exactly as I pictured Ben, also a musician, would sound. Even stranger, he even looks like I wrote Ben. I saw one of his music videos for the first time when I was working on revisions and it was like watching a character come to life. So inspiring and just a bit crazy, especially since Ben’s look was very much inspired by two photos of my husband – one of him as a shirtless bad boy rocker in the nineties and one of him with my son circa 2008, when I was first writing GOS. But, I made Ben a guitarist, rather than a drummer and very tall, so Max needs to climb on a Sesame Street stool during a pivotal scene. Oddly, Ryan Star is both of those things – a guitarist and tall. And in an interesting twist, when Goddess of Suburbia was finally published, I was lucky enough to have Ryan Star’s lyrics open the book, because he is as nice as he is talented. So, if Ryan Star ever turns to acting, he’s earned a spot in my dream cast. And that’s what so great about a dream cast – it’s a dream. My first addition to the board, Paul Rudd, might be just a tad bit busy. I’m pretty sure Leslie Mann and Kristen Wiig are booked solid. I could easily add Julie Bowen and Tina Fey – who would be amazing. And if Maggie Lawson was a bit older, she’d be the perfect Max. Natascha McElhone perfectly embodies Andi – tall and gorgeous, but looks like she could kick ass. And who else could play Nick, but Matt Bomer with his crystal blue eyes and perfectly chiseled cheekbones.

I could go on and on, but #LifeBooksWriting Friday ends in about forty minutes on the West Coast – it ended where I am almost three hours ago. But, I’m pretending I’m a left coast girl tonight and posting away. I can’t wait to create a “Dream Cast” Pinterest board for my next novel, Feel No Evil – it already has a killer soundtrack up. And maybe I should create a couple for my novella’s, A New Life and You & Me (David Annable looks EXACTLY like Billy). A girl can dream, can’t she?

Goddess of Suburbia Dream Cast



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