30-Day Writing Challenge – Four Weird Traits



I have been so awful in keeping up with this challenge. I tried to think of a more mellifluous word, but I need to be blunt… I’ve been awful, plain and simple. I think this is a good challenge to jump back in with, because I’ve had to step away due to my first weird trait…

  1. I am a ridiculous perfectionist, especially with my writing. A blog post can take me eight hours of writing, reading and rereading. I’ll tweak and tweak and get anxious about posting. I’m going to try to break that and see how fast I can get this written and posted, hopefully in less than an hour. I really don’t know if I can. I know my husband probably doesn’t believe that I can. He requested that I give up the challenge, because I was taking literally the entire day to write one post and neglecting my household duties. Plus, my son is leaving for college soon and it’s time-consuming preparing for that. Each night that I participated, I stumbled into bed around 2:00 am. But, if I can kick that weird and ineffective trait of never thinking anything I write is good enough and just write, I’ll be way more productive and even be able to participate in the next challenge fully.
  2. I’m terrible with numbers. I suck at math. I can’t remember phone numbers at all. My husband memorizes our credit card number within a day or two of our receiving it. I can’t even remember the three number CVV on the back of the credit card. I can’t remember two out of my three kids’ cell phone numbers. And I can’t add any but the smallest sums in my head. The calculator on my phone just might be the feature I use the most. Seriously, that’s how bad I am with numbers…
  3. Since traits can also mean physical characteristics, not just personality, I’ll toss in one of those (I actually Googled this to make sure that it is indeed considered a trait)… I’m allergic to everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but I do have a lot of allergies and also asthma. I had to stop coloring my hair chestnut brown, because I had a terrible reaction to my single process hair color. That’s why I’m blonde now; I can only get highlights that don’t touch my scalp. I even have to use all natural body wash, shampoo and hair product (and I slather coconut oil on my face every night)… I’m also allergic to MSG and sulfites. One of those, or both, are in so many foods, that eating out can be a nightmare. But, I’m exceedingly careful. The only really crappy part is that I haven’t been able to enjoy a glass of wine in two decades. I also have seasonal allergies, but I suppose that’s not all that weird.
  4. I can fall asleep anywhere. In fact, I fall asleep while on my laptop all the time. While writing this, I fell asleep twice. In college, I would fall asleep on my typewriter pretty much every time I was working on a paper. I’d regularly fall asleep in the big cushy chairs in the campus center when I’d go there to study. Okay, make that three times; I fell asleep yet again while working on this and woke up over an hour later at 12:30 am (only because my son came home and knocked on the door to be let in)…

So, did I succeed in writing a quick post and not obsessively rereading and tweaking? Not really…it’s now after 2:00 am. I started at about 9:45 pm and took a snack break and napped three times, but only one was long enough to really affect the time I spent working on this. I’d say this is somewhat of a victory, being that I spent only about three to three and a half hours working on it (not including the snoozes). I reread it about five times and made several edits. Still, perhaps one of my weird traits is now not quite as much of an impediment as it’s has been…




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