30-Day Writing Challenge – What I Wore Today

Normally on any given summer day, you’ll find me in Target sweat shorts and a tank top or layered camis. But this weekend we had two family parties, so I donned a bit nicer clothes. For today’s casual backyard party for my niece on hot as hell Long Island, I wore white shorts and a yellow tank (above). I’ve had the tank for years, to be honest, and haven’t worn it in quite a while. But the sunny yellow hue put me in a good mood and the lightweight drapey fabric kept me cool. (And, full disclosure, I had on a cute tie-dye shark bite hem tank top, but noticed as I was leaving that the little bows on my bra straps were showing behind the spaghetti straps, so I grabbed this top. And I wondered why bra straps need bows that stick out???) The white Bermuda skinny shorts are my go to shorts this summer. They are so comfortable. 

The shoes are the really big change for me with this outfit. If you read Ten Interesting Things About Me, you may remember that I declared that I never wear heels. Well, a day or two after I posted that I found these giant (for me) platforms for 50% off at DSW. Plus, I had a $10 off coupon, so I figured I’d take a chance. Since the whole sole is high, it’s almost like wearing flats; I’m just taller—way taller. It’s an odd feeling, since I’m not quite five feet tall with the shoes off. I lasted half the afternoon, then switched to Dr. Scholl’s sandals. The last time I wore the silver sandals for more than a couple of hours (at a concert in New York City), my husband had to give me a piggy back ride to our car in the garage, because I just could not walk another step. But guess what, I’ll wear these again. After all, fashion sometimes hurts and I kind of like being tall every once in a while…


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