My Proudest Moment – #AKWritingChallenge


I’m a day late, but I’d really like to at least take part in as much of this challenge as I can…

I have so many proud moments when it comes to my kids… Watching my oldest son receive scholarships and graduate from high school with honors; watching my middle son skate onto the ice to play hockey for the first time after battling an eating disorder; chatting with my youngest son about politics and realizing that he’s way smarter than most adults. But…

I feel that this challenge is about the writer’s life (though, of course, I may not be entirely correct), so I’m going to share my proudest writer moment—my dream come true… Standing on a podium at the front of an amazing book store, Book Revue in Huntington, NY, with a packed house watching me as I read from my first novel, Goddess of Suburbia, was my proudest moment. Okay, maybe signing books just a short time later while a line of people snaked around the store waiting for their turn may have been my proudest moment. I had imagined that moment so many times.

When I first emailed Book Revue about hosting my book launch party and book signing, I was asked what made me think that I could bring in a crowd as a local author. I was informed that Book Revue hosted luminaries such as Hillary Clinton and J.K. Rowling, which I already knew…that’s why it was my dream. Speakers at Book Revue have run the gamut from best-selling authors to famous athletes to musicians and comedians. It is the stop on Long Island for anyone with a book to hawk and I was determined to make it my first book signing, as well. I posted on Facebook asking if people would be interested in attending. Between a mom’s group I’m a part of, my writer page and my personal profile, I had well over the fifty people I needed to promise in order for the store to have the faith that I could pull in a decent crowd. I believe it was between seventy and eighty. I set up an event page and handed out glossy postcards and did everything I could to get the word out. Still, I was told that it’s commonplace with book launch parties and signings that at least a third of the people expected wouldn’t show.

But that evening, August 25, 2015, at least eighty-five people showed up. Every chair was filled, besides the front few that were left open for my family. And as I mentioned, the line waiting for me to sign books snaked around the store. It was a truly amazing moment looking at all the faces in front of me as I spoke about Goddess of Suburbia and read an excerpt. (You can read my book talk here.) It was a dream come true and truly my proudest moment (that didn’t revolve around my kids)…


Not a great photo of me, but it’s the only one I have of me at the podium…






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